extensible logic debugging.

What is LogicAnalyzer?

LogicAnalyzer is a framework as well as an application to operate a PC based logic analyzer. It's built using the Eclipse RCP and designed with extensibiliy in mind. Integrating devices, providing tools or creating completely new functionality is easy.

What are the main features?

Platform independent LogicAnalyzer is built using Eclipse RCP, thus it's mostly platform independent. It also features a native and clean UI.
Rich set of tools Several tools come out of the box, such as frequency measurement, distance measurement and serial byte interpreter. LA also comes with an I2C protocol analyzer (SPI, as well as UART analyzer will follow).
SUMP integration The most prominent OpenSource logic analyzer hardware (namely the SUMP Logic Analyzer - and derivates such as the Open Workbench Logic Sniffer) work out of the box. It also serves as an example how easy it is to integrate new devices.

Is this software open source?

All code written for the LA is published under the terms of the GNU Public Licence. You can download the sources from our Mercurial repository. Feel free to reuse it, or to contribute to this project.

Does anything documentation-like exist?

We have a wiki which should get you started. If you want to extent the LogicAnalyzer, you might also want to look at the wiki first. Also the code is heavily commented (in terms of JavaDoc).

Where can I get it from?

You can download a binary package, as well as the source code from the good guys over at SourceForge.